The best way for a pharma company to succeed is to bring a product to the market in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner. During the protracted process of product development, businesses in the pharma industry face serious obstacles. The intense competition of today forces companies to be effective in every aspect of their activity. Success depends on timely threat detection and respective strategies for their mitigation. Management of various business processes, including technological development using quality by design, regulatory strategy, clinical studies, and supply chain, is a part of the challenging drug-development process from lab to launch.

This is why there is a need for a comprehensive planning tool that will bring cross-functional teams together and enable them to work as a single unit. In this article, we will tell you about an eWizard add-on called Planner, which makes it easy to plan, track and collaborate on the customer content experience. 

What is Planner? 

As mentioned earlier, Planner is an eWizard add-on that helps teams to manage various aspects of the project actualization process. This includes things like: 

  • Scope management. 
  • Project planning, execution, and monitoring. 
  • Timeline and budget planning and management. 
  • Stakeholder management. 
  • Management of regulatory and compliance strategies.
  • Risk management. 
  • Team management. 

Challenges go hand in hand with each of these aspects of project management. The interdependencies between them make it even more complex. This is where Planner can offer pharma companies a lot of value by keeping everybody on the same page and helping them to adhere to the schedule.   

Planner Features 

Companies that are looking to improve communication with the target audience must have their house in order – not just appearances of performance excellence. Great leadership matters a lot, but most organizations still struggle to get the execution right. The following features of Planner can help you improve your marketing campaign execution:   

  • Journey/Campaign execution. A set of features that enables involved specialists to quickly find and utilize the necessary campaign- and customer journey-related assets.  
  • Task manager. A unique feature that supports best-in-class customer experience programs that assist local and international teams in planning their work and collaboration.  
  • Content editorial calendar. A special dashboard (Gantt chart view) that allows a team to monitor the timeline of a brand advertising campaign, observe brand communication uniformity, and prevent message duplication. 
  • Content brief. An add-on functionality that assists in identifying the need for content development from any provided customer journey template and in requesting content development be used as a task. 

What Problems Can Planner Help You Solve? 

One of the biggest problems Planner can help you solve poor communication, which can create unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding that may impact the success of a project. The eWizard Planner can help you swap the disorganized email threads for the Planner’s work management capabilities, which allow users to chat about projects, attach relevant documents all in one place, and monitor changes in the deadline, scope, or anything else.
In addition to this, you will be able to resolve vague goal setting, which is one of the more common project management issues that can leave employees feeling unmotivated when faced with a mountain of assignments. Giving them something to aim for will help keep work focused and productive. With Planner, you will be able to create tasks, and add details such as deadlines and approval requests to each step so each team member knows what to aim for.

Try Planner for Yourself 

The most frequent issues in project management range from poor collaboration and scope creep to ineffective planning. However, all of these risks and problems can be mitigated or avoided by utilizing a project management application. Use Planner to plan out project details, assign jobs wisely, and establish a smooth workflow that guarantees the completion of each assignment. 


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