The pharmaceutical industry is a competitive space where companies need to constantly satisfy the thirst for knowledge of doctors and patients. This means that pharma marketers are always creating content to generate awareness and educate their target audiences about their products and services. However, having to constantly enlist the help of a content agency to create the content you need can be very costly, which is why a lot of companies may benefit from self-service content development. 
In this article, we will take a look at how pharma companies can utilize a self-service content experience platform to create the needed content themselves and the benefits the self-service approach has to offer.

What is Self-Service Content Development?

Companies in the pharma industry need a wide range of content such as eDetailing, emails, landing pages, and many other types of content. With self-service content development, companies are able to create any content asset they need, all by themselves, without having to hire a digital content factory or any other agency to create the content. This service can be especially useful for local offices that are often stretched for resources and simply do not have an allocated budget to hire a third-party agency to create the content for them.

How Does Self-Service Content Development Work in Pharma?

Usually, the way self-service marketing platform, is you would need to purchase a subscription and the company’s dedicated specialists will determine the integrations that are needed with your digital asset management system. If you have any brand books, style guides, or any other content development requirements, they will accommodate these requests as well.
They will then create a template for each asset type, which you can use to create, edit, translate, localize content, and anything else you need. Keep in mind that the development of the template needs to be done only once, and after that, each user can create the content they need all by themselves. Since the platform offers low code/no code capabilities, all of this can be done by each team member independently.

Key Benefits of Self-Service Content Creation

Enlisting the assistance of a content agency can be costly and time-consuming. Think about all of the steps involved: you have to ask the agency to create a design, create content based on the design and implement the needed changes. This is a luxury not many companies can afford. Self-service content creation platforms offer pharma companies a more viable alternative and cost-effective alternative to creating the content themselves.
The self-service approach also allows you to streamline content development since the needed content is not scattered among different departments of agencies. This means that you will be able to speed up the time to market and also increase the quality of your content since there will be less room for error. Since you are cutting out the middleman, i.e., the agency, your content will be more accurate and on-brand. 

Find Out More About Self-Service Content Creation 

Pharma is hopping aboard the digital marketing train. While this is good news, at the same time, pharma marketers have plenty of catching up to do. With a multitude of digital marketing strategies to turn to, they’re having a hard time creating the content they need to meet their business goals. If you are looking to lower your content creation costs while simultaneously increasing the quality, then self-service content creation may be just what you are looking for. Contact one of our specialists to learn more about how digital self-service solutions can help you. 

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