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eWizard | Content Experience Platform - is a Pharma Industry Standard integrated product line for effective multichannel enterprise content lifecycle management, that helps access, tag, plan, brief, modularize, templatize, (create from scratch or recreate from the template), translate, store, approve (MLR) and seamlessly publish (deploy) digital content at scale in an agile way.
Platform services
Platform add-on
Planner is a professional tool for brand marketing and content production teams that helps to align and coordinate working processes around campaigns and content planning, preparation, and metadata / tagging alignment.
eWizard Planner helps to plan marketing resources management including marketing budget, team, and content go-to-market.
Brand artefacts
Briefing tool
Content editorial calendar
Journey / Campaign templates
Task manager
Journey / Campaign execution
Campaing tagging
Budget management
Content tagging
Platform add-on
Modular is a professional in-built toolkit for modular content production teams that helps to prepare atomic pieces for the ModCon at scale (modules, blocks, templates, metadata, etc.).
The toolkit helps to scope, analyze creative content, prepare modules, pre-approve the modules, and tag them based on the business-specific and objective context.
Module manager
File viewer
Module library
Publish with highlights
Module template
Module pre-approval
Module editor
Module autofill
Platform core features
Content Cloud is a core platform feature set for no-code digital (modular or non-modular) content development and publish to the Veeva CRM\CLM, Veeva Vault, SF CRM, SFMC, and others). The tool helps to create standardized brand templates, make changes with the dynamic updates in all the templates, create content, test and translate it, approve it, and publish it.
Content library
File viewer
Content editor
Quality validation
Review assistance
Flexible layouts
Auto translation
Format converter
Platform add-on
Analytics is An in-built functionality for gathering and visualizing information related to the enterprise content operations that the eWizard Platform is supporting (workspace performance, content performance, budget spent, etc). There are abilities to use standardized dashboards and also to set up custom reports.
Standard dashboards
Data management & ML / AI
Custom dashboards
Framework ia a tandardized framework for high-quality digital content production as a Pharma Industry Standard (eWizard.js) that was established by Viseven \ eWizard Teams.
Components library
eWizard CLM
Export & Publish
Frequently asked questions
How does eWizard Platform pricing works?
eWizard Platform pricing and offering strategy offer several possibilities and models - per account \ per team \ per seat. Based on the client's need and the team size we can offer a flexible pricing approach. Contact eWizard Team by requesting pricing information and getting more details.
How does eWizard Platform Free trial works?
When you start the eWizard Platform Free trial you’ll have access to almost all features on the Starter plan (Per team pricing model). Just select the Free Trial button and create your user account (no credit card required). After your free trial ends (30 days), your access will be automatically deactivated.
What payment method is available?
Invoices only.
What is included in the eWizard Platform license pricing?
We include all the platform services and add-ons.
Do you have the Pay-as-you-go services included in the eWizard Platform license pricing?
We include some amount of the PAYG services in the eWizard Platform license. Contact eWizard Team to get more information.
What supplementary professional services do you offer?
As we work with enterprise-level companies we understand that digital transformation isn't an easy task, which is why Viseven \ eWizard Team offers services for solution implementation (PoCs, Pilots, Scale project, Post-Scale maintenance, education, certification, etc).

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