Reduce Costs on Pharmaceutical Content Creation with a Self-Service Solution

Regional pharma offices often lack the resources that are available to global locations and have difficulty producing the content they need to implement their business initiatives. This was exactly the case with our client, a regional branch of a large pharma company, who needed to produce eDetailers, landing pages, emails and other content to implement the goals of the global office in their local market. The eWizard Self-Service platform enabled the client to overcome these challenges while increasing content reusability and lowering costs.
Main Goals of the Project
Since the client did not have a budget allocated to hire a content development agency, they were looking to reuse and localize existing content from the global office. This would allow them to produce the needed content themselves. Therefore, our main objectives were to:

  • iconLower content creation costs
  • iconIncrease content reusability
  • iconExpedite time to market
  • iconLower content build times
  • iconStreamline the entire content creation process
Main Challenges
The client needed to produce a wide range of marketing assets, which meant that we had to produce a template for each asset type. In addition to this, the client had to follow strict branding guidelines from the global office. All of these factors must be taken into account during the actualization of the self-service content platform.
The Solutions
Representatives from the eWizard team met with the client to understand which asset types they needed as well as the required specifications, such as styling and branding. After careful examination, we created templates for each asset type in accordance with all of the client’s requirements. The self-service platform allowed the client to take already existing content developed by the head office and localize it to better fit their target audience. Self-service content creation eliminated the need to hire a content agency and streamlined the entire content development process.   
Final Results and Achievements
  • iconAchieved more than $50,000 in cost savings
  • iconAccelerated time to market by 30%
  • iconReduced build times by 40%
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