Increase ROI by 80% in healthcare email development

One of eWizard’s main goals is to help pharma companies get the most value from the content they develop.
We recently worked with a leading pharma company to streamline their email development processes and democratize content creation to further speed up the time to market. In our latest content management case study, we go into detail about how we were able to help our client achieve an 80% increase in ROI on healthcare email development.
Main Goals of the Project
Since the email creation process was creating significant bottlenecks, we were looking to implement a solution that would speed up email development. Our main objectives were to:

  • iconImplement a PoC of a working solution
  • iconDemocratize the email development process
  • iconLower build and deployment times
Main Challenges
The first challenge was to evaluate the current email development pipeline and identify areas of improvement. Based on these recommendations, we would need to create a working PoC and deliver measurable results to the client’s content asset management process after one month.
The Solutions
The results of the PoC were very impressive. We managed to lower build times by 45% and speed up deployment by 38%. After observing such outstanding results, we decide to implement the Digital Content Factory across the client’s entire organization.
After one year, the results were equally as impressive. We were able to significantly improve the client’s content experience management processes by automating a lot of mundane tasks. When we look at email creation, we managed to lower build times by 51% and deployment times by 40%.
Final Results and Achievements
The new content experience framework implemented by the eWizard team allowed them to remove bottlenecks and streamline content development. The results speak for themselves:

  • iconIncreased ROI 1.8X
  • icon51% reduction in build times
  • iconReduced deployment time by 40%
  • iconIncreased the production quality control/Life Science industry compliance check to ≥ 4 from 5
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