Automation for faster time-to-market in eDetailing development

The eWizard team helped our client automate routine tasks to streamline the development of interactive visual aids (IVA). They were bogged down by manual processes, which caused delays at every stage of IVA development. In our latest case study, we take a look at how we helped our client overcome these issues and implement greater levels of automation to become more agile.
Main Goals of the Project
Since there were significant delays in IVA development, we needed to examine the development pipeline to determine the cause of the issues. Our main objectives were to:

  • iconIncrease productivity without risking non-compliance
  • iconDemocratize the IVA development process
  • iconReduce build and deployment times
Main Challenges
We needed to closely examine the existing edetailing development process to identify the root cause of the delays. Based on the results, we would create a PoC that would streamline time-consuming processes and streamline IVA development.
The Solutions
We implemented the PoC for one month, and the client was already able to observe significant improvements in IVA development. More specifically, we were able to decrease build times by 35% and speed up deployment by 22%. Keep in mind we were able to achieve these spectacular results in just one month. The results of the annual project were equally as impressive. Build times were decreased by 40%, and deployment sped up by 49%.All of these improvements led to high cost-savings and added efficiency. In fact, the front-end cost savings alone amounted to almost $50,000. The cost savings on deployment time added up to almost $9,000.
Final Results and Achievements
The new content experience framework implemented by the eWizard team allowed them to remove bottlenecks and streamline content development. The results speak for themselves:

  • iconSped up build times by 40%
  • iconDecreased deployment time by 49%
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