Data privacy and protection is essential for any business. While you’re reading this article, hundreds of companies worldwide suffer cyberattacks. With the amount of data growing exponentially, criminals use more sophisticated methods of hacking against organizations in multiple domains and industries. 

According to the 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey by Deloitte: 

  • 91% of organizations reported at least one attack or breach 
  • 54% of companies with $5 billion or more in revenue spend over $250 million on cybersecurity 
  • only 21% of organizations have a high level of cyber maturity 

In summer 2023, the Viseven team addressed Active Audit Agency, LLC, to assess the security of eWizard content experience platform

As a result of penetration testing conducted according to the OWASP testing guide V4 methodology, Active Audit Agency, LLC, confirmed that eWizard conforms to corporate security standards and best practices and can be recommended for safety use. 

What is Penetration Testing? 

Also called ethical hacking, penetration testing (or pen testing) is a cyberattack simulation aimed at detecting and preventing vulnerabilities and risks of potential intrusion into a computer system or application. 

In other words, organizations hire pen testers to hack their computer systems. Ethical hackers use various tools and techniques to raid the system and find weaknesses before bad actors exploit them. The ultimate goal of pen testing is to fix the weak spots and enhance the system’s safety. 

Why We Allowed to Hack eWizard with Pen Testing 

Pen testing is crucial for any organization that generates, collects, and stores confidential data. Vulnerabilities identified and eliminated in time minimize the chances of data theft, financial losses, and reputation problems. 

Proactive Security 

Penetration testing encourages organizations to adopt data privacy and security as continuous complex measures instead of a one-time action. By demonstrating several significant shortcomings in eWizard security and eliminating them, pen testers helped the eWizard team see the bigger picture and prioritize security investments. 

Secured Trust in the Brand 

Dozens of companies and agencies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries use eWizard for their marketing purposes. The eWizard team appreciates their trust in the platform and continuously enhances its privacy and security. 

Regulatory Compliance 

In many cases, particularly in regulated industries, penetration testing can be a mandatory element of regulatory compliance. Pen testers help organizations in these industries ensure their computer systems meet security requirements.  

Successful penetration testing is a significant leap for the eWizard team towards an advanced security environment since pharma and life sciences businesses use eWizard to accelerate medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) review of their medical content. 

More Secured Content Made with Less Resources 

eWizard is a content experience platform that allows a pharma and life sciences business of any size and level of digital maturity to leverage omnichannel content marketing with: 

  • Modular Approach. Accelerate time to market and MRL approval by reusing existing content for multiple communication channels without duplication and plagiarism. 
  • Template Builder. Use a rich collection of templates for essential marketing channels to produce high-quality content at a large scale faster. 
  • Planner & Business Admin. Consider everything you need to launch and analyze global and local omnichannel marketing campaigns and streamline workflows for multiple stakeholders from multiple geographies. 
  • Advanced Analytics. Track the performance of your omnichannel campaigns in real time with different types of detailed reports and export them as Excel or CSV files. 
  • Third-Party Integrations. Integrate eWizard with other software to reach your goals more efficiently. 
  • AI-Powered Video Maker. Convert static presentations into interactive videos, create videos from scratch using artificial intelligence, and download content in 1080p or 4K. 

For more details, contact us now, and we’ll get back to you shortly with all the information you need to start your journey with eWizard.  

Want to test eWizard yourself? You’re welcome to request a demo right now. 


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