eBook / How to build an effective Content Ecosystem for Big Pharma?
Businesses must become data-powered and agile in a constantly changing competitive environment. How a Pharma & Life Science business manages, governs and leverages its content ecosystem can make, or break, its ability to respond to constant change. The transition to an AI-driven organization requires a holistic effort.
There are principles that can guide the implementation workflow:
One AI & Automation strategy (integrated foundation for the CX, Content Strategy, Data, Analytics, Tech stack, and AI factory, with top-down coordination)
A clear architecture (consistency & Ops centralization, one global-local guideline, and standardized workflows)
The right capabilities (smart and modular content, software, data science, advanced analytics, AI & automation, etc)
An agile approach & startup "product" focus (Agile & AI-centric content operating model & Hyperautomation)
Multidisciplinary governance (complex governance of digital assets, a collaboration between functions)
Digital workforce (intelligently created work environment where human & machine efforts are harmonized).
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