Automated content creation is gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical industry since it allows marketers to save a lot of time by automating simple and repetitive tasks. This is particularly important given how tightly regulated the pharma industry is, where every message needs to be heavily scrutinized before it is sent out to the public.

This is where workflow and content automation can offer a lot of value to your business. In this article, we will take a closer look at content process automation and why you should implement it inside your company.

What is Content Automation?

Content automation within content marketing refers to systems, processes, etc., that automate the content cycle without human intervention. When you have elements of your content process that take up a lot of time, are repetitive, or are incurring high costs, automation may be the ideal solution. It’s important to note that content automation isn’t just about generating content; it’s about automating every aspect of your content cycle. That includes content generation, refreshing existing content, updating content, organizing content, etc.

What Can Content Creation Automation Offer Your Business?

If you don’t have any automation of your content development, your marketing team will not only need to create the needed content manually but also go through the process of exporting this content into your content management platform. Even after the content is inside your Veeva Vault or any other platform, they will need to send this content for MLR approval. This means your team will need to constantly switch back and forth from content development to the content approval platform to manually manage the entire process.

In addition to this, let’s say that the content does not receive MLR approval on the first try. This means that you will need to go back into Veeva, for example, read the comments about what needs to be improved, make the needed changes, and export the content once again. 

However, if you have a content automation platform integrated with your Veeva Vault or similar system, you can skip all of the manual export/import processes. Instead, all of this can be done with the click of a few buttons. You would simply publish inside the content automation platform, input the needed metadata, and all of this is sent to the content management platform.

Additional Benefits of Content Automation Management

In addition to eliminating time-consuming manual processes, a content automation platform can help you: 

  • Save time – Your team will be able to make better use of their time by focusing on their core business functions instead of manually managing content development processes. 
  • Improved creativity and job happiness – When you hired your marketing team, one of the reasons you chose each member was because they were creative and had ideas. If they’re performing repetitive and simple daily tasks, that creativity is stifled.
  • Eliminate silos – When you have multiple teams working on a project, and everything is done manually, workflow issues and confusion between the various silos can occur. There can be breakdowns in communication and logjams between different departments. Bringing automation into the picture can solve these issues and lead to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Learn More About Automated Content from Our eWizard Experts 

If you are currently spending too much time on content development and approval, consider implementing some automation to help you streamline these complex processes. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts would be more than happy to provide you with more information about content automation. Contact us today to learn more


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