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The perfect platform for Life Science marketing teams to connect content across all channels

Change the way you plan, brief, modularize, build & deploy, localize / translate, validate, approve, distribute and analyze brand content with global and local demand.
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eWizard Content Experience Platform

Our platform is a major strategic asset for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies at scale. We help our clients resolve channel conflicts by untying the content. Use eWizard functionality or set up a fully customized solution based on your company's needs and workflow while connecting all your marketing channels. Bring your content to life today!
Marketing Campaign & Content Planning
Align cross-functional marketing teams together in one workspace around a standardized content-planning business process. Plan campaigns, journeys, and content. Assign tasks, select due dates and keep everyone on the same page. Using eWizard, global & local teams can view the calendar and dashboard, making the most use of it.
Modular Content
After ideation (creative stage) and program planning, it's time to do some prepwork with the brand content. Prepare information and all the needed content elements (fragments, modules, templates) for content production and reuse.
Content Authoring
Implement a standardized business process for planning, briefing, modularization, building & deployment, localization, and translation, testing, approving, publishing, and analyzing digital content.
Brand Taxonomy
Brand taxonomy alignment (tagging, metadata management) Align brand taxonomy and metadata across global and local teams and all the production agencies. Enable brand communication consistency across the enterprise.
Translation Automation
Equip regional and local marketing teams with a tool that helps easily preview global content and translate it in one click. Content production cost elimination by optimizing one of the most repetitive business processes.
MLR Process Optimization
The approval assistance features help to accelerate the content pre-approval and approval processes, providing business process automation possibilities in the future.
Automated Publishing Across Channels
Seamless integration with the most used platforms in Life Science unhindered by differences in platforms and formats helps with publishing the content assemblies to the target systems in just a few steps. It helps to automate the process and speeds up content time-to-market.
Multivendor Workspace Control
Unite cross-functional global & local marketing teams together with multiple agencies, on one platform, with standardized business processes and content to share, reuse, repurpose, and automate. Control team productivity and involvement. Build data analytics dashboards.

Why Choose
the eWizard Platform

eWizard is about effective cost optimization for the content management process. With eWizard, you will maximize the business value of your content and liberate it from the format and channel constraints to produce the most impact across all platforms.

Our solution will help you with Content Ops cost optimization. Forget about the continuous process of identifying and reducing sources of wasteful spending, underutilization of already created assets, or low returns in the marketing and content budget.

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Save up to 50% on operational costs for content production
Speed up the content time to market by 45%
Improve the content quality by standardizing processes
Accelerate the MLR process by 30% by reducing the turnaround time
Increase customer satisfaction by personalizing experiences

Build your expertise with the eWizard Team

Forming an operational and technology foundation is a good start, but it is even more important to build a future-ready team mindset and skillset. Team expert knowledge as a strategic company capability. Unlock your company potential today!
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