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F2F visits may wait, your message needn’t

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eWizard Remote

F2F visits may wait, your message needn’t

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About eWizard

eWizard is an easy-to-use solution for multichannel content management, enabling easy updates, localization and transcreation. We support Modular Content Framework, where you can mix&match channel-agnostic modules and assemble your content.

With our unique COPE approach (Create Once – Publish everywhere) you can reuse modules across channels – eDetailing, email, web and CLM/CRM systems with no development needed.

Now you can produce and deliver personalized relevant content much faster while saving on the production costs

Top eWizard Platform Features

Effortless Content Management

Create impactful CLM-agnostic cross-platform content and migrate it through multiple channels with ease.

Enjoy maintaining a full content delivery lifecycle: Framework + Content Management Platform + Global Store + Delivery Management.

Medical Content Localization

Go beyond mere translation by endorsing local cultural differences in the ways you display content, design, imagery, animation, effects and navigation in your eDetailing.

Adapt and localize in a couple of clicks, thus establishing the principle of simple reuse and repurposing across diverse markets and channels.

Fast and Easy MLR

eWizard approval process ensures digital content is compliant, up-to-date, accessible and responsive to the entire needs of marketing strategy.

Transparent digital asset management equals incorporating a clear vendor pricing model and forecasting practices into relationship between creative agencies and pharma.

Email Templates

Templating approach for your email campaigns redefines the message management process with reusable and flexible components.

Email templates will consolidate sustainability of the marketing message & brand consistency as well as enhance the strategic mailouts with quick time-to-market.

Briefing tool

Set up and hand in creative briefs with maximum clarity in the convenient way.

Benefit from a handy tool for sketching compliant pharmaceutical content with instant sending to a collaborating agency.

Integration with Corporate DNA

Improved customer experience in handling the content through perfect compatibility with CRM, CLM, or DAM systems.

Such seamless integration helps to generate a single digital content ecosystem for your company without additional adjustments and harmonize digital content lifecycle and enable monitoring.

eWizard Converter

Save <80% on your content creation due to the inbuild eWizard Converter, that makes possible to convert any of your PDF or InDesign formats into CLM-friendly eDetailing. Get a completely editable and adjustable HTML5 presentation in just minutes, where you can set dynamic navigation and top-notch interactivity according to your wish.

Extending Content Management Possibilities in Veeva Vault

Content Partners

Collaboration with Viseven Certified Content Partners allows to speed up time to market, enable digital content reuse and reduce budgets. Except that, the localization of the interactive presentations could be done 4 times faster due to a seamless integration with the CLM/CRM systems, Android and iOS devices for automated presentations publishing to the required platform. Finally, you can gain the full control over all stages of eDetailing production thanks to transparent communication with the certified digital agency on a single platform.

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Technology Partners

eWizard is seamlessly built in into your corporate ecosystem of tools and platforms via the API. We have established a vast network of Technology partners to ensure automatic exports and publishes to the platforms that you actually use: Veeva, IQVIA, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and more.

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